Purchasing an Electronic Digital Sign for Your Medical Center

Medical care in the United States has gone through some drastic changes within the past few years. Medical centers and doctors who are practicing privately are attempting to make up for some of the federal policy changes by focusing more on customer service. Some medical centers are attempting better communication with patients through electronic digital signs.

The Emergency Room

Some medical centers have purchased digital billboards that are displayed within a certain radius of the property. These electronic billboards display the current wait time of the emergency room at the medical center, giving patients an idea of how long their wait time will be while they are en route to the emergency room. Another way that medical centers are using electronic digital signs is by displaying the name of the next person to receive treatment. These digital displays are especially helpful to patients who have hearing troubles and it prevents constant interruptions at the nursing station by patients asking how much longer they have to wait to be seen by a doctor.


Medical centers are also trying to make pharmacies more efficient by communicating with patients through digital signs. Some pharmacies are scheduled so tightly that it is helpful to display the wait times of medication for each patient on an electronic digital sign. Most pharmacies are using digital counters. They’ll give each patient a number at drop-off and display the number on a digital counter when the patient’s medication is ready to be picked-up.

Other pharmacies may use digital signs to display the name of a customer who needs to speak to the pharmacist before leaving the building with medication.

Electronic digital signs are helpful in the medical field for maintaining clear communication between medical personnel and patients. The medical field can be chaotic at times, which causes simple miscommunications to happen more frequently. But with more information simply and clearly displayed, some miscommunications are avoided.