Brand Building: Beginning with Your Grand Opening

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Marketing Agency

The building of a great business begins long before the doors open. The idea and behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a successful brand may start weeks, months or even years before anyone outside the immediate circle hears its name However, in the eyes of the public, your company’s grand opening is its birth. Let’s take a look at how the world’s most successful brands make their grand opening a smash hit – and how you can do the same.

What is a Grand Opening, and Why Do You Need One?

A grand opening may not be an opening, at all, but simply a way to introduce your business to the community. This may come after an actual opening, as part of a move or even after renovations or a management shift. Regardless, these promotional events help to drum up interest in your business by alerting the public to your presence.

What Makes a Grand Opening Successful?

A grand opening is more than just a chance to shine the spotlight on your business and its goods or services. This event can make or break your status within the local and even the national business community, as well as within your particular field. It must build excitement while also fostering curiosity. Give your potential customers something to talk about!

According to Fit Small Business, the main goals of any successful grand opening are as follows:

  • Create awareness of your products, services and promotions. This is your marketing debut, after all!
  • Generate excitement and enthusiasm. Happy customers are more likely to be paying customers.
  • Forge relationships with fellow business owners, staff and of course, your customers!
  • Create a memorable and positive experience for everyone involved.

You should make it your goal to have everyone who attends or participates in your grand opening festivities walk away with a great memory of the event. This builds positive image for your brand, and gives people the chance to offer first-hand experience when spreading the word of your business to others.

Planning and Executing the Perfect Grand Opening

To bring together the perfect grand opening, goals should be considered first, then budget taken into account. Matching your aspirations to a budget you can afford is key, as this is a marketing strategy and not a personal party. Experts recommend a minimum of $6,000, or about 20% of your company’s first year marketing budget. Discuss an appropriate amount with your financial advisor, and plan accordingly.

If you need help coordinating your event, don’t be afraid to reach out. Look to members of the community to pitch in and provide entertainment, promotional material and more. Consult a marketing and branding agency like Celebrity Branding Agency for further advice on how to plan an amazing event. Dream big, and shop smart. It’s an investment not only in your business, but in your community, as well.

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