How Does Public Cloud Computing Work?

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Web Hosting Company

Even though cloud computing has been around for decades, it is still not well understood by the vast majority of people, including those using cloud computing services.

It is important to realize that cloud computing does use actual physical servers. These servers are located in highly secure data centers around the world. These servers are networked together to create an infrastructure to provide on-demand computing services.

The Use of Multiple Machines

The public cloud uses physical machines (servers) to create virtual machines. This allows multiple tenants to use the network while remaining independent of each other. In this way, it is similar to a shared hosting service, but it uses multiple servers to process and store data rather than just one server.

A third-party host manages all of the servers located in the specialized data centers. They maintain the physical equipment, the network, and the connections to the Internet to provide access to the data. The design of the cloud means that authorized users have access to data and applications from any device in any location, making it a very practical solution.

Exceptional Performance

The pooled resources of the machines ensure optimal performance, redundancy, real-time backup, and a variety of other features. The individual tenants of the public cloud can choose to add services offered by the third-party provider and integrate current compatible software with cloud-based technology.

Users pay for the services and resources they use. Cloud-based services can be offered through the public cloud as software as a service, infrastructure as a service, or platform as a service programs.

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