How to Get Reviews On Amazon

by | May 9, 2018 | Marketing is a very competitive marketplace. You want your product to be the one that stands out from the rest of all of your competitors and the best way to do so, is to get buyers to leave reviews on your product. Reviews are the main source that probable consumers use to decide on which product to buy. Getting them can be tricky as the number of reviews on common products is only a fraction of the actual number sold, but learning how to get reviews on Amazon is crucial to your sales.

Walk In Your Customer’s Shoes

Some questions that run through a consumer’s mind upon looking at your product can be: What is the shipping experience? Does the product arrive as described? What are the “ups” of this product versus its “downs”? Why should I buy this one and not the other? Answers in your reviews may get a buyer to purchase and then leave a review, feeling satisfied that they were in good hands.

Understanding How Reviews Happen

The Early Review Program is hosted by and encourages consumers to leave an authentic review for a product they received. Amazon does not bribe or tempt reviewers with goods through this program, and these reviews are very trustworthy. While you, as a seller, cannot control whether or not a consumer who is a part of the program buys the product, marketing to a wide audience in this way can bring a significant number of reviewing customers into your business.

Open Communication

Maintaining clear communication with the buyers is also crucial. Write a follow-up email in neutral terms asking how they feel about their experience. If the buyer responds, you can encourage them to write in an Amazon review. While Amazon policy prohibits sellers from offering compensation for a review or only encouraging positive reviews, continuing communication even after the product is sold and shipped is important to the consumer experience. Being friendly and memorable also plays a key role. If you are dull or boring or seemingly unapproachable about any question pertaining your product, buyers will most likely not leave a review, or if they do, it may not be positive.

Reviews are the best way to distinguish yourself on the Amazon Marketplace and to get customer reviews on Amazon can be hard, but with some effort and keeping a good face, you can see reviews come in more often than you may have guessed.

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