6 Reasons You Need to Update Your Website Design

Thirty-nine percent of online consumers won’t use a product or service if the website isn’t user-friendly, current, or updated. Are you making those mistakes? Here are six reasons it’s time to update your site.

Your URL isn’t Doing Anything

You can use everything on your site to market your product or services. That includes your URL. Is it reflective of your business or products? If that’s not the case, it’s time to fix that.

Your Site is Outdated

When was the last time you updated your site? Is it still stuck in a time warp from then or fifteen years ago? Looks matter. People are visual. If your site is outdated, some may skip your site based on that alone. Hire pros for website design in the San Francisco Bay Area to whip your site back into shape.

Your Site isn’t Mobile-Friendly

More people these days go online with their tablets or mobile devices. If your pages aren’t optimized for mobile, they’ll find it challenging to
navigate your site. If you want to retain your opportunity with that market, get pros to optimize your pages. The sooner your site is mobile- friendly, the faster you can appeal to more customers and expand your consumer base.

You Have Low Conversions

Poor web design compromises your conversions. If you want to encourage more conversions and sales, start with the design for your pages. Update them. That will help you appeal to more customers, increase traffic, and get higher conversion rates.

Your Competitors Have New Sites

If that’s the case, it may be time to consider upgrading your look. You wouldn’t want to get left behind. You’ll improve your leads and conversions with the new features and design.

Your Site Has Poor User Experience

Is your site confusing? Is there considerable visual clutter? You’ll need to fix your pages. Hire pros to clean up your site and choose a design that improves the user experience of your pages.

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