3 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking an Employee Engagement Speaker

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Sales coaching

Hiring the right speaker for any internal employee event is critical to make the day a success. Unfortunately, it is easy for even experienced event planners in any company or business to make some very common mistakes during this process.

To ensure you find the ideal employee engagement speaker for your next in-house training, here are errors to avoid and tips on making the best choice of speaker.

Mistake: Choosing Speakers with No Name Recognition

The internet makes it easy to search for speakers in your area. However, top speakers in your area may not be speakers that are recognized by your employees. They may also have limited experience in speaking, which can result in low enthusiasm, interest, and motivation.
Instead, consider an employee engagement speaker with a proven record of delivering top quality speeches that create a meaningful and lasting positive change.

Mistake: Selecting Speakers with No Industry Expertise

Speakers that connect with the audience and can share real-world, authentic experiences always have a better connection and transmission of their message. Be sure to ask the speaker about his or her expertise and experience within your specific industry or sector.

Mistake: Choosing a Speaker Based on Price

A top-level employee engagement speaker will charge a higher rate for speaking at events than someone who has limited experience, expertise, and speaking credentials.

Even with the higher fee, the seasoned, recognized, and experienced speaker is still a great deal as they are able to motivate, inspire, and engage the audience to get measurable results.

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