3 Great Web Design Trends for Your Company to Consider Trying in 2020

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Advertising Group

The world of web design moves at a rapid pace. With that in mind, it’s helpful to ensure you’re following the latest web design tips. Here are three web design tips that every company should consider following in 2020.

Designing for Dark Mode

You’ve probably either heard about or seen apps that have night mode features. This feature flips an app’s color scheme, changing from lighter to darker backgrounds. Night modes are great features for those wanting to reduce eye strain, especially while browsing the internet before bed. Fortunately, web design services for a small business can help your company’s website have a night mode for readers.

Taking a Step Into the Past

As time goes on, many trends from the past become popular again. Considering that, this is currently happening in the world of web design. Many web designers are employing vintage design techniques, placing them on modern websites and creating amazing user experiences. Examples of this include using monochrome colors and vintage typography.

Illustrations Will Become More Popular

Every great website needs visuals. With that in mind, most companies will place lots of images on their respective websites. However, it looks like illustrations will become more popular throughout 2020. This is part of a movement where companies are working to ensure their websites are artistic spaces.

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